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« widow rounds »

The Elephants | July 14, 2017

poems|translations|interscriptions from the early lyric poetry of Christine de Pizan


En attendant Nadeau

En attendant Nadeau | January 1, 2017

Poésie du monde: An interview with two poems in translation from At the Border of Wilshire & Nobody.


« étoiles »

The Account | November, 2016

How does our language about any one particular event shift from conveyance to legend, to a story we tell over and over again—like a star, outliving the moment of its birth?


Learning to Drive: Sentence by Line

Waxwing | February 15, 2016

Whether in English or in French, the mechanics of verb tense are complex, all clutch and gearshift, like a 1979 Volkswagen I once owned, its electrical system sparking at the steering wheel one afternoon on California Route 17 . . .


Poetry by Andrée Chedid

Brooklyn Rail's InTranslation | February 1, 2016

The air is free // The paths infused with orange / The sun lies down in saffron robes / It is the season of laughter and tall grass // Oh my love of one hundred patiences / This evening everything is a first time.


« Venditions »

Matter Monthly | November 24, 2015

I sell to you / / A single branch of hollyhock / —Beauty, say you dare not / How Love towards you draws me, / Reveals all without speaking