At the Border of Wilshire & Nobody

At the Border of Wilshire & Nobody, winner of the inaugural Howling Bird Press Poetry Prize, features California poet Marci Vogel’s vivid explorations of memory, family, loss, and life across intersections of contemporary landscapes and cultures, at home and abroad.

A striking debut. . . . In Vogel’s fine first collection of poems, she follows in [Elizabeth] Bishop’s footsteps, finding complexity and depth in the fleeting details of the day to day.
Kirkus Reviews

Marci Vogel’s poetry is wildly generous in its vision yet also exquisitely elegant in its precise, lyric grace. . . . The emotional power of these poems reverberates beyond the intricately latticed webs of her lines, announcing the arrival of a truly original and breathtaking new poet.
—David St. John

It is . . . ultimately the human connection that brings this outstanding collection together, a skillful poet who gives us a deeply affecting look into what it means to live as a human being, for as long as we get to be here: “What is it this life / wants us to / hold? Each other.”
—Lynn Melnick