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The Mapmaker Is Revealed to Be a Woman

The Offending Adam | May 29, 2013

We were navigating the sad, pulling branches off trees with chainsaws / bulldozing trunks. Startled birds / did not know where to go in the chaos. / Would you be able to survive in the wilderness, have the capacity / to banish what haunts?


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Drunken Boat [21] | April 15, 2015

Good merit and notable wisdom / Often return their profits. // So says my mistress, a lady / Whose hands held only ash.


Andrée Chedid & the Contradictions of Translation

Jacket2 | August 18, 2014

One is the first positive odd number, an integer not evenly divisible by two. Odd, from the Old Norse oddi, point of land, triangle, the odd point sticking out, not lining up. As Dr. Math explains, the words we use are pictures of the shapes a number makes.


Line of Sight: Lineage as Vision

The Critical Flame | September 7, 2015

Writing as a woman means writing as a part of the continuance—through silence, through burning, to and from foreverness—making lines on a page. Making one line and then turning and making another, one line after the next, as a plough turns a field,


Mnemosyne TV

The Manchester Review | July, 2014

1972 • Veteran’s Day. Our grandmother calls it Armistice, Remembrance. Six cousins propped on pillows for the annual screening of The Wizard of Oz. Technicolor poppies over Flanders Fields. Blood-soaked opium. What one country did to another, what the Old World did to the New: massacre. Poppies are the California state flower.


Three Poems

Construction Literary Magazine | August, 2013

O steepled world, // Let there be wild licorice firecrackering yellow, / greenheartful middle sheltering the tiniest sparrows, / dandelion stars seeding the air. This morning I saw // a man with fir trees